Alert, Alert!! Patent Violation Photo!!!

Summary – By now this patent announcement of 5/11/14 is old news. But – in case you missed it, Amazon was awarded a patent for shooting studio subjects against a white background.


Roses against a white background


Read here about this absurd patent

This photo of roses against a white background is OK (IMO)

Cropped from 6:4 to 5:4 aspect ratio & added a frame

Shallow DOF so that background roses “echo” the foreground


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3 thoughts on “Alert, Alert!! Patent Violation Photo!!!

  1. Having a patent is one thing, inforcing it is another. If they tried to sue someone for infringing it they would need to prove that the lighting set up was the same. From my armchair lawyer point of view simply brining in a book that was published before the patent showing this technique would get the case thrown out. This is the problem with patent law when people try to patent things that have been used or created in a certain way for years, sometimes for hundereds of years.

    • Agree 100%, but what does this (and Samsung|Apple over curved edges on mobile-phones) have to say about the patent process – lawyers run amok.

      I think I’ll give F=Ma a try; or maybe something I’ll call a wheel. 😉

      • In New Zealand there is a traditional boot made calleg an Ugg. An American company patented the process of making the boot and then tried to sue the New Zealanders making the boots. The American patent still stands whereas in New Zealand they lost the case.
        Apple samsung is less abiut patent s I feel and more about market dominance. Although it could be said that it has back fired on Apple as they gaive free publicity to Samsung.

        As with many things the patent sytem is broken.

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