Analog Efex Pro V2 – What’s New in the Upgrade?

Summary – A major upgrade to Analog Efex Pro (AEP) was announced 5/14. Here’s the run-down on what’s new.


If this is the first you’ve heard of this upgrade

Read here

This upgrade adds major changes & new features to AEP

#1 – One view of what’s new2014-05-08_7-24-51


#2 – Here’s another take on changes & features –



#3 – What does all of the above mean, you ask??

Click here to go to the Nik site

Read all about it in a nice tutorial2014-05-16_17-28-51

Click to visit the support site


Or – if you learn better from videos

Click to visit this site for excellent material2014-05-16_17-38-00

ForΒ  Nik Collection troubleshooting

Read this post of mine

There are 5 topics

For the “world’s-best” Nik tutorials

Read here

3-4 Years ago the Nik documentation

Ranged from non-existent to terrible

I wrote my tutorials (above link) to correct that

In the past year, the Google-Nik documentation

Has improved immensely

So much so that I’m throwing in the towel

I’ve better things to do

You won’t see many Nik Collection related posts

From me in the future

(Special requests only – which I predict will be zero πŸ˜‰ )

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6 thoughts on “Analog Efex Pro V2 – What’s New in the Upgrade?

    • You’re welcome. It’s there for me, too, for future reference without having to go digging through Google searches. You wouldn’t believe how often I just use my site’s search box to recall data like this – I put it all in one logical (to me) spot and save lots of time down-stream.

  1. Ed
    I am using your comment box to invite you to make a return visit to the Charlottesville Camera Club. The email address I have is out of date. I would like to discuss a presentation on DAM or on some aspects of 1) focus stacking, 2) d.o.f., and 3) artistic aspects of d.o.f.
    Please send an email address or phone number.
    Jim Fergus

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