Do NOT Photograph with A Black Background

Summary – Why not? Because I’m following in Amazon’s footsteps. If they got a patent for photographs made with a white background, I’m getting one for black – see it here. 😉

Rollover the image to see my patented version

Take that, Amazon

D300_140517_093235__DSC1552 cep1D300_140517_093336__DSC1555 cep1

 By any other name background, still a rose

Two separate captures (really)

One with white & the other a black background


2014-05-17_16-16-371:1 macro lens, as captured without cropping

Above shooting data is for the black background

White: 1 sec with EV = 0


Do you have a preference?


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2 thoughts on “Do NOT Photograph with A Black Background

    • Please let me be clear that Amazon’s not the true object of my derision (although it may seem otherwise); it’s the joke that patents have become (granting, enforcing, the whole nine-yards….).

      What does not make sense is that things have come to the point that Amazon (probably correctly) felt the need to do this. Where does it all end? Well, back to work for me – after my black and Amazon’s white, I’ve got a whole bunch of other colors to work on. Maybe I can cover 24*24*24 colors all with a single patent. :/

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