Yet Another Nik Collection Update

Summary – A major upgrade to Analog Efex Pro was announced 5/14. Now, less than 2 weeks later, another update.


How do you know which version you have?

Start Analog Efex Pro 2 and follow these steps

Click to enlarge


If your AEP2 version is 2.0.4

Your entire collection is up to date

If not, read later in this post about updating

What has changed?

Not much that’s visible to the naked eye

Performance including auto-update improvements

Read this earlier post for the major changes in the 5/14 upgrade



You should be seeing this latest Nik Collection update soon if it hasn’t already been downloaded to your computer via the Google automatic download.

Don’t forget, auto download only can occur when

Your host program (PS, LR, Aperture) is NOT running


NOTE – even though the major upgrade is to AEP (to AEP2)

The entire collection is updated

That means a download of nearly 1/2 gigabyte

Which in turn means you need to shut down the host programs for quite a while (especially when you can’t predict when the auto download will be scheduled)


Rather than go through the auto-update potential hassle –

To get your free update, go to

and download the Free Trial

If you have already purchased the Nik Collection

The 15-day trial limitations will automatically be removed

For  troubleshooting

Read this post of mine

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For the “world’s-best” Nik tutorials

Read here

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