Nik Collection – Google Auto-update Details

Summary – An explanation of how the Google auto-update works and why your Google Nik Collection may take a long time (even never) to update.


The promised explanation follows these three images….

001D300_140524_145757__DSC1696 aep2blog 002D300_140524_145757__DSC1696blog

D300_140524_145757__DSC1696 orig

An Antique Rose

Two versions processed in Analog Efex Pro 2

The bottom is the unaltered capture

I don’t throw away flowers past their prime

That’s when they’re interesting



The Google Nik Collection is updated automatically

How & when (or whether) the update happens

Depends on you understanding the process


What follows is courtesy of Google:


When updating, it takes some time for a few things to happen:

1. The user’s system requires an internet connection as it looks for available updates on Google servers
  • This check is performed a few times a day and is very likely to occur after restarting your system
    • That’s why restarting the system is recommended
2. If an update is detected, the update is downloaded to the user’s system
  • The update file sizes differ on Windows and Mac – the download can have a size of a few hundred megabytes
    • [Most recent update size was 431 megabytes for Windows. Ed]
  • The update needs to be downloaded completely before it can actually be installed
  • If during the update process other applications on the user system are transmitting data, too, the update will reduce its bandwidth usage in order to not interfere with the other applications
  • Because of all of this, the downloading can take up to minutes and even hours
3. When the update is downloaded completely, it is ready to be installed
  • This can only succeed if no host application (Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture) is currently running
  • If one host application is running, the update installation will stop and retry to install automatically at a later time

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