(How’re ya’ gonna’ keep ’em) Down on the Farm

Summary – Photos from my 1st day (Mon.) at Sleeping Bear Dunes. Spent several hours at a single spot – an old abandoned farm. Shot a bit of everything – color, infrared, abstracts. A nice relaxing shoot – nothing special.

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7 thoughts on “(How’re ya’ gonna’ keep ’em) Down on the Farm

  1. Looks to me like you had a wonderful first day of shooting. I enjoy comparing the color and IR images. For those two, the IR get my vote! All wonderful images. Thank you for taking us on a virtual vacation.

    • Our 3-floor cabin has four bedrooms – 2 on the top floor & 1 on each of the others. Y’all come 😉

      The abandoned farm I visited yesterday for 3 hours is my favorite here at Sleeping Bear. Probably three days worth of galleries to come – but first day #2’s On the Beach.

    • Love to. You need only ask – but it’s about 800 miles (Bets & I did it in one day – 6am to 7pm – our dog slowed us down 😉 )

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