A Dozen Wildflower Images

Summary – A week ago, none of these had come into bloom yet. The cold winter put everything several weeks behind schedule, but worked out well for me. Here’s a collection of wildflowers all growing within short walking distance of each other.



Nikon D800E, 105mm macro lens, tripod (& 25% DEET)

For the lady slippers – growing in a swampy roadside

Stood in Poison Ivy surrounded by 100’s of mosquitoes

Two out-of-state cars came by – one with “PHOTO” on its plate

They never saw me nor these flowers

After nearly 8 weeks spread over 4 summers

I know the territory.

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2 thoughts on “A Dozen Wildflower Images

  1. Wow I am envious. I have never seen a yellow ladyslipper. And you have yellow and pink…they are lady slippers aren’t they. BTW I really like the poppies.

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