Maine 2014 – Day #4

Summary Day 4: Inside a working fishery’s storage area. Dark, smelly – and interesting.

Dark, and beyond their prime, structures are great fun to explore and photograph. Here’s a small example from Bass Harbor, Maine. It’s directly across the harbor from Bernard, ME. Yesterday’s panorama was a view of Bernard as seen from Bass Harbor while looking across – Bass Harbor. This is the large red building on the wharf at the left edge of the panorama.

How Dark? I couldn’t see anything through the viewfinder except the occasional small dirty window. Had to shoot a test shot or two with 10++ second exposure times even with ISO 1600 to get the framing right (right in the camera that is; I generally avoid cropping like I avoid Ebola).

How smelly? Look at the next to last image (bait). These were the fresh ones (and the ones not scattered all around on the floors of this place for you to step on in the dark – and no, I didn’t have a flashlight 😦 )

Did I mention big spiders sitting in very, very large webs? Lead with tripod while walking 😉

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