Maine – Day #9 (abstracts)

Summary Day 9: Abstract images of granite. Why drive 14 hours to Maine and then take photos of rocks? Because these “rocks” are different? I would never have thought; it only took me about 8 years to notice. 😦

New to abstracts?

Maine, and especially here on Mount Desert Island, seems to be one giant piece of granite. Except for tripping and falling on it with every step, I’ve taken the granite for granted – until today. The end of the gravel driveway to our rental is lined with large (~2′ X ~1.5′) chunks of raw rough granite. I put my 105mm 1:1 macro lens on the Nikon D800E to see what I could see. This post’s gallery is the result.

Now on to the show titled:

Don’t Take Abstracts for “Granite”

(Pretty bad, huh? My wife groaned.)

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