The Blog’s New Design

If you’ve followed the Photography Improvement blog (PIB) a while, you can see that its design changed today.

PIB was born almost exactly five years ago. For the first year it was a teaching tool for a local photography club – thus the name. The site’s Table of Contents reflects that first year. Browse the TOC regardless of your skill level. There’s good material that you might not find elsewhere.

After five years it was time for a rebirth (redesign)

After the first or so year PIB evolved to a personal photography notebook that documented photo and art related material that I found interesting. Most of this material isn’t in the TOC (except some lengthy tutorials), but can be found easily via the site’s Search feature.

That’s enough for the first day back on the job with PIB. I’ll finish with a photo posted in January 2010 – early days. It’s a dew covered web backlit by the rising sun. It was shot edge-on with a very shallow DOF which gave it a narrow in-focus strand surrounded by golden orbs. It’s basically as it came from the camera – no post processing witchcraft.