The Digital Zone System – An “e-Book”

Photography Improvement

The Zone System is a framework

That allows us to convert captured luminance values

To the values as we want them to be

Values that match our visualization of the subject


The above is a paraphrase of this quote by Ansel Adams.

As long as we must be able to work from a range of subject luminances that are to be represented as we want them to be by a range of gray values (or color values) in a print, the Zone System seems certain to provide an extremely useful framework.

As you read these posts, recognize that Ansel Adams’ images –

Reflected what he felt and

Not a literal reflection of reality

Even though he is often thought of as the paragon of

Realistic, straight photography

Nothing is further from the truth

as he himself stated repeatedly

Reality vs. his images, in his words –

….creativity in photography…

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3 thoughts on “The Digital Zone System – An “e-Book”

    • Thanks. As I wander randomly through nearly 1500 posts from the past 5 years, it’s surprising to me how many are just vague memories (#78 coming up next month may help explain the vagueness 😉 )

      • At least you are keeping your mind active and that is very important. Photography and computers continue to evolve. For me #72 comes up in about 6 months and I have no illusion of ever running out of new things to learn. I still feel like I have barely touched the surface of the photography world. But then I look at other seniors that I have in a photography basics class and I realize just how far I have actually come.

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