Perfect Photo Suite 9  (#1)

First in a series on Perfect Photo Suite 9 (PPS9)

PIB b4 bass headPIB PPS9 bass head

 Bass Head Light – Bass Harbor, ME

Hover mouse to see the original captured version

PPS9 Post-processing

  • Removed two small spots in clouds & bricks
  • Improved brightness and contrast
  • Placed a light-centered vignette over the top half of the lighthouse

My photography is based on capturing the image as perfectly as I can

  • This gives me my negative (all captures are done in RAW)
  • Past this point, post-processing takes over (usually little to none)

For quite some time now, my post-processing has relied on

  • Lightroom – for RAW conversion and basic image enhancement
    • This suffices for most of my images
  • PS Elements – when layers are needed and as a host for the Nik Collection
    • LR, as a Nik host, offers a very poor workflow IMO

PPS9 might replace both LR and PSE in a workflow like mine

  • The differences I’m aware of relate to
    • No RAW converter; uses a RAW file’s embedded JPEG  instead
      • Not a problem if the image capture had no issues
    • PSP9’s image enhancement features vs. Nik’s
  • I’ll explore PPS9 and occasionally post my findings

LR could have been used to produce the same after-image as shown above for PPS9

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2 thoughts on “Perfect Photo Suite 9  (#1)

  1. Hi, Ed. I just read your post on Perfect Photo Suite 9 and wanted to post a comment, but unfortunately do not have accounts with WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter. So I am trying the old fashioned way.

    Regarding PPS9 using the embedded JPEG of a RAW file: I think I saw somewhere that the PPS9 browser program (the one that I guess would replace something like Bridge) DOES read and convert the raw file. I could be wrong, but I thought they made a deal of that in their features summary.

    Second, I think you want “PPS9”, not “PSP9” for the acronym.

    I have a few days left on a trial but haven’t had a lot of time to test it out, so I’m curious to see what you think. I really like the fact that photos can be re-edited – I too often look at a photo a couple of days later and find myself wishing I had treated it differently.

    Best regards, Jim Ackermann (former coworker with David Garbin)

    • Italicized is from PPS9’s (thanks for the correction, by the way) Features info:

      An overhauled Browse module, which adds lightning-fast previews of RAW files…
      The operative word is “previews”. For camera RAW formats listed for PPS9, this merely states that PPS9 knows how to extract the JPEG file embedded within the RAW file. It reads the RAW in the sense that it knows how to extract the jpeg (& metadata). That’s all. It knows nothing about the rest of the RAW file’s contents and simply processes the JPEG file (as I had it do in today’s post). If your camera’s settings produced a good JPEG, you’re fine – otherwise…

      You can then edit your photos using the Suite, or can easily send them to a secondary photo tool like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom….
      If you have need of RAW conversion – say, the white balance at capture is way off – PPS9 can’t help. onOne specifically states this elsewhere and actually recommends using Lightroom in conjunction with PPS9 (a free RAW converter would do if you have no other need for LR).

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