Perfect Photo Suite 9  (#2)

2nd in a series on Perfect Photo Suite 9 (PPS9)

_DSC3478 pps9 capture_DSC3478 pps9 enhance b&w

 Village of Bernard – Bass Harbor, ME

Hover mouse to see the after version

PPS9 Post-processing

  • Opened the RAW capture
  • PPS9 extracted the embedded JPEG (PPS9 has no RAW converter)
  • Applied a PPS9 B&W preset – no other tinkering

I wanted to see how PPS9 did with a simple B&W conversion

  • Simply applied a preset (HDR-like) and left everything alone after that
  • PPS9 has a myriad of options which I’ll try in a later post
  • The result is fine
    • It did a nice job of opening up the shadows at the rear of the building

This demonstrates that if you start with a good capture (exposure, color, focus) PSP9 is capable of producing a good image. Nothing profound there – don’t have time to elaborate.

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2 thoughts on “Perfect Photo Suite 9  (#2)

  1. I found your original quite striking — flat except for the yellow and blue. When I “moused over” I was pretty disappointed — everything flat, too bright…

  2. I guess that’s the “risk” of trying a preset chosen more or less at random – and then quitting at that point. I’ll try to do better next time. 😉

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