World Press Photo of the Year


An interesting choice in light of all of the news worthy world events in 2014. The jury chair said it is indicative of “…the jury’s desire to make a statement about the future of photography…”.

Here’s the complete story behind this photo as well as 13 other candidates. Of special interest to readers of my Photography Improvement blog are the judge’s comments – especially those on image post-processing.

Many images were disqualified by the jury for excessive post-processing. Some were photos by the world’s top photojournalists (it seems that embellishing the news isn’t the sole province of news anchors like BW).

One judge’s comment resonated with me because it reflects a sermon that I preach –

“I need newcomers to understand that you don’t have to go to war, be elbow to elbow with a dozen photographers doing the same thing and complain later that no one is buying your work” he said. “Photographers can always find a story right across the street”.

Substitute “iconic photo location” for “war” and instead of buyer’s buying substitute “judges choosing” and you get the picture (pun intended). It’s hard to stand out from everyone else if you’re literally all doing the same thing.

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