Using Photo Manipulation to Lie


When is Photo Manipulation wrong? That’s a tricky question at many levels. A recent prestigious international competition found blatant image alteration (including adding & removing things) in 1 of every 5 entries.

harvestOne of my Photo of the Year winners

Manassas Battlefield less than 10 minutes from my front door

More than 10X as long was spent composing & capturing the image

than was spent in post-processing

Read what judges, participants and others had to say about what happened in

Debating the Rules and Ethics of Digital Photojournalism

The “lessons” apply to all competitions (unless rules state that “anything-goes“) and not just photojournalism.

Comparing my image above with the RAW capture would show minimal differences – only slight tone & color adjustments and nothing else. You can read here about how it was made.

More to come…

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