Floral Art – It’s Spring

One of My All Time Favorite Works

This combination of 16 of my floral art photos combined with wonderful quotes and music still sings to me four years after I made this slide show (and free book, see below). I hope that it sings to you as well.

The show begins with a 30-second intro that illustrates a progression from the beginning photographer’s early representational attempts at flower photography to a more advanced & artistic form of “seeing”. This is followed by 16 photos (all made 100% in camera, no Photoshop wizardry) accompanied by quotes by Georgia O’Keeffe (and Ray Charles’ classic rendition of Georgia on My Mind).

Please read the quotes. They originated with Georgia O’Keeffe and found voice through my heart.

Try it with the full screen option

Georgia on My Mind

The identical content is available as a free book which can be downloaded here at the iTunes store.

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4 thoughts on “Floral Art – It’s Spring

    • Thank you. They’re representative of one of my favorite subjects shot in my preferred style based on my pet saying – art rhymes with heart. It’s easy if you feel it.

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