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After over three years of daily posts, followed by a one year hiatus with only a few occasional posts, I’m back. My new goal is to document (for myself, but you can look, too) via a year of daily posts – the world of iPhonography. I just bought my first smart phone, an iPhone 6 Plus.

Smartphones are inherently hand-held point-and-shoot snapshot cameras. How much further can they be pushed. My iPhone 6+ is light years ahead of my first camera – a 2 MP Olympus P&S (which was good enough for me to capture a few winners as a novice in a local camera club).

Follow along with me as I explore my new mobile device and the apps and accessories that hopefully will carry it far beyond something just for snapshots. I plan to identify what it can & can’t do as compared to a DSLR.

For an opener, here’s an image that’s barely more than a snapshot even though it’s reasonably well composed (for a hand-held shot) and has no obvious technical flaws. It was shot and processed (Snapseed for minor tonal and color adjustments) in the iPhone.

Auto-Post from my iPhone to WordPress via IFTTT (IF THISnew photo in iPhone photo stream WP albumTHEN THATautomatically send post to my WP blog). Isn’t technology grand? 😉

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10 thoughts on “iPhonography Photo-a-Day

  1. Great to see you back on deck, and with a iPhone6s. What next from the blog master. I’m sure I speak for legions of you fans when I say again, welcome back Ed.

      • Winter is upon us, snow last Friday, unusual but nice. Still playing with cameras and enjoying every minute. Took to the blogosphere at creakingbones.com in WP and having fun there. I call it Random Ravings From Downunder. By the way, still trying to make a decent image using your water droplets on glass technique. It’s one of your early teasers that introduced me to you blog. Well Ed, you have made my day. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s edition.

        • Thanks for the link. Skimmed it just now and will definitely be reading it often. I liked the snow picture that featured your clothes-dryer.

  2. Welcome back! We’ve always enjoyed your blog and look forward to your work with iPhone 6 Plus. I got mine two weeks ago and will enjoy following your progress.


    • You know that IR images and arty stuff done via multiple exposures and long exposure camera motion are among my favorite things. They’re also not what a “normal” person would try with a camera phone. I’ve already learned a bit in those areas. Tomorrow – long exposure moving water (a version of today’s image) that I hope to capture later today.

  3. It is so nice to see you back, Ed. Even though I am still in the world of Android, I will enjoy and benefit from your iPhone tutorials. Looking forward to more.


    • Hi Rose

      Most of the material should apply to Android. The differences should be be similar to those found between different makes/models of DSLRs.

  4. Good Morning Ed,
    It’s good to have you back. I’ve always enjoyed reading your daily posts and I’m truly pleased that you’ve decided to do it again.

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