Photo-a-Day: Floral Close Ups

I like arty florals made by either multiple exposures or camera motion. Today is a conventional floral close-up. It’s the “before half” of a before & after image. Tomorrow I’ll try for an arty camera phone version.

Camera phones have no problems capturing images like this one. Nothing special – just a record shot of lilies made while I was walking the dog. Definitely not what I’d consider arty.


iPhone 6 Plus (Auto Capture, i.e. Point & Shoot)

Minor color and tonal contrast adjustments in Snapseed 2

An arty floral – my version – requires a camera that provides either:

  • The ability use long exposure time (any DSLR), or
  • Capture multiple exposures (some DSLRs)

Neither of these two features are readily available in an out-of-the-box camera phone.

You can find numerous posts in my blog on these DSLR techniques via the blog’s search function (“camera motion”, “multiple exposure”, “arty”)

Future posts will explore how, if at all, these short-comings can be overcome.

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