Camera Phone Arty Florals

Yesterday I posted a conventional floral close-up for comparison with today’s arty version. Actually, I made four “arty’s” today and will post one a day to spread them out. I’m super busy at the moment – in the middle of a long distance move and living out of a suitcase for another 10 days (on top of the previous 14). Poor time to start daily posts.

For a reminder, here’s a small version of yesterday’s conventional image:


Next is a multiple exposure version of the same general subject (made a day later):


Both images captured with an iPhone 6 Plus. Both are straight from the camera except for some color and tonal contrast adjustments – the point being that I didn’t take a bunch of individual exposures and then layer them in Photoshop. I’ll save the “how” for another post; just recall that camera phones, just like DSLRs, are computers with lenses. Just as my Nikon D800E can produce multiple exposures in the camera while some other DSLR makes cannot – so it’s also true with a camera phone. All it takes is the addition of software (an app) that teaches the iPhone computer how to do it.

Tomorrow we’ll look at a camera motion version of this clump of flowers.

The art quality in today’s image is questionable. I have my DSLR multiple exposure technique down pat after years of learning. However, camera phone technique – not so much! The journey is half the fun of it, so I’ll get there.

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4 thoughts on “Camera Phone Arty Florals

  1. Now you have made us all inquisitive about your move and the suitcase. Just tells to mind our own business and ‘focus’s on the lessons you are providing us.

    • I’ll make the long story short – in the next post. Something to keep viewers coming back.

      I will say that at this instant we have no home – old one’s been sold and we don’t settle on the new one until the 30th. Officially we’re homeless and staying in a homeless shelter – aka the Seven Springs ski resort (no snow here in mid-summer, maybe you could send some of yours from Oz).

      • Ed, you have an Aussie sense of humour. The enclosed envelope contains 100 tons of dehydrated snow. Please ensure you do not open the envelope inside your shelter and please keep the contents away from water until ready for use.

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