Camera Phone Arty Florals

This image is the 3rd in my series on making arty floral images with a camera phone. My DSLR go-to techniques for this are multiple exposures and long exposure camera motion. Yesterday’s image used multiple exposure. Today it’s camera motion.

To recap the 1st two images – Conventional Exposure & Multiple Exposure

IMG_0504   Unknown_150724_115444_IMG_0557-resize

Long exposure (2 sec.) camera motioniPhone_150724_121948_IMG_0568-resize

Images captured with an iPhone 6 Plus

( with color & tonal contrast adjustments)

For the next two weeks or so I’m facing a time crunch, but plan to keep the daily posts coming. Most will be in the form of a camera phone image and a sentence or two. I plan to return to them in later posts to discuss how a seemingly non-camera phone image came to be. If you, dear reader, would like to lend a hand – please indicate via a comment when you have a question or would like to see a particular technique expanded upon.

Why the crunch?

  • We sold our home in Virginia  on 7/11 and are returning to Pennsylvania (where Bets & I were born; we met in high school). We’ve been away for 55 years. Our 60th HS reunion will be held next month in our home town of McKeesport.
  • Our new home will be ready 7/30; movers 7/31; WiFi and the other blogging essentials the following week. In the meantime we’re in a small rental condo in PA’s Laurel Highlands (3,000 feet and cool – Yay!!!).
  • Why move (to the middle of Amish country)? To enjoy a more simple life away from the hub-bub of a metro area. Besides, I needed new photo-op material and the house’s windows were getting dirty. At 78, our last big adventure 😉
  • My plan for keeping the daily posts coming is to write a handful in advance and schedule them to be auto-posted daily while we’re without internet.

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