Binary B&W (no gray tones)

#2 in a series of ten automated daily posts that illustrate camera phone images that fall outside the realm of conventional point & shoots. Today’s example is a pure binary B&W – every pixel is either pure black or white. Two versions – single exposure and multiple exposure.

Single Exposure


Multiple Exposure (not an especially good use)
Our Rental Condo

Captured with an iPhone 6 Plus (handheld)

No Adjustments (straight from the camera)

This is one of a series of short daily posts scheduled for automatic posting through the first week of August. By then I should be settled in my new home and ready for a normal daily routine.

These quickie posts illustrate non-conventional camera phone images, but don’t explain the “how”. Explanations will follow later. Let me know which ones interest you for future elaboration.

Keep in mind, I’m an iPhone newbie and many of the illustrative images reflect my inexperience. As with a DSLR – it’s all about technique (which I lack with the iPhone).

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