Layered Dreams

#5 in a series of ten automated daily posts that illustrate camera phone images that fall outside the realm of conventional point & shoots. Today’s example is a layering (think multiple exposures) of three distinct subjects. I just came up with this 30 minutes ago while walking the dog – definitely a work in progress.

The Final (overdone) Result

I started with this next image

  • Which is a straight shot made through the glass globe of a lawn light
  • The globe’s bottom half shows the scene in front of me
  • The top half, starting above the clouds, show reflections from behind me
  • The globe itself introduced a nice polarizing effect

    I then turned around and made the 2nd layer which is the line of trees you see reflected in the original image’s globe just under the reflection of the setting sun; the camera automatically layered it


Not leaving well enough alone, I walked a few feet to a nearby small boulder and layered it to add texture to the image.

Here’s another. Same idea with two layers.

6 Plus_150726_120033_IMG_0871

Captured with an iPhone 6 Plus

Straight from the camera; no post-processing

Click here for a tutorial I once wrote about the DSLR equivalent of this technique

This is one of a series of short daily posts scheduled for automatic posting through the first week of August. By then I should be settled in my new home and ready for a normal daily routine.

These quickie posts illustrate non-conventional camera phone images, but don’t explain the “how”. Explanations will follow later. Let me know which ones interest you for future elaboration.

Keep in mind, I’m an iPhone newbie and many of the illustrative images reflect my inexperience. As with a DSLR – it’s all about technique (which I lack with the iPhone).

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    • Rose,

      Not anyway that I’m immediately aware of. In fact I’m not sure anyone else with an iPhone has stumbled across this specific technique.

      I’ll come back to it soon. Right waiting for the movers who should be here soon. 😀

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