A Strip-photography Selfie

#6 in a series of ten automated daily posts that illustrate camera phone images that fall outside the realm of conventional point & shoots. Today’s example is another strip-photography example (prior examples are in #4 of the series)

Now this is downright silly ugly
sel….. Selfie …..fie

Captured with an iPhone 6 Plus

Straight from the camera

This is one of a series of short daily posts scheduled for automatic posting through the first week of August. By then I should be settled in my new home and ready for a normal daily routine.

These quickie posts illustrate non-conventional camera phone images, but don’t explain the “how”. Explanations will follow later. Let me know which ones interest you for future elaboration.

Keep in mind, I’m an iPhone newbie and many of the illustrative images reflect my inexperience. As with a DSLR – it’s all about technique (which I lack with the iPhone).

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6 thoughts on “A Strip-photography Selfie

    • Interesting yes, but I’m still trying to wrap my gray cells around it. My spatial skills seem to be a major golden-years casualty and what I think I see with this technique (pre-capture vision) is often wrong.

  1. This is a step beyond being able to “fix it in PS” – anxious to see how it’s done. 😉

    • This one was done with “great difficulty” since I used the back camera which meant I couldn’t see the screen to line things up (especially tricky since it also involves panning the camera).

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