A short iPhone 6 Plus photo post. Still settling into my new home. More informative posts in a week or so.

I’m a fan of abstracts. While nothing special, this image qualifies. Taken right after getting out of bed (an air mattress actually 😦 , since the furniture didn’t arrive until mid-afternoon) on our first morning here. It’s the early morning sun streaming through a window and lighting a section of the hickory hardwood floor.6 Plus_150731_105159_IMG_1372-1I Was Floored by the Sight

Camera switched itself to an auto-HDR mode

And here’s another section of the floor without the sun, window pane shadows, high contrast, and HDR. This how it really looks.

6 Plus_150731_115228_IMG_1334-1

Captured with an iPhone 6 Plus

Straight from the camera (including the square aspect ratio)

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6 thoughts on “Floored!

  1. Nice pic and nice choice of flooring. My son in WA has that same flooring. Hope your “settling in” goes quickly and problem free.

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    • Thanks. We’re getting there. TV installers just left after hanging my new wall mounted smart TV for me. Computers, peripherals & internet (60 Mbps) are all working. Bets has 90+% of the boxes unpacked (100% of the essentials). After starting with 60+ boxes, half in the garage, I can now get the car inside. Life is good 😉

      If the timeline between today’s image and the above progress report seems to be fast forward, the above image was made exactly one week ago. Our real-time planned timeline is to have everything 100% done by labor day. Long pole in the tent will be blinds.

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