Out-of-Frame: 2 Final How-To’s

Today we wrap up the discussion of out-of-frame images with two more how-to’s.

Yesterday’s post showed how to make a OOF, where the frame was created post-capture in Photoshop. How about a OOF where the frame is actually part of the image capture?

Remember this image? You should since I featured it several days ago and said “Remember this image; we’ll come back to it”. 😉 Let’s see how this was done.

Here’s what the table top still life setup looked like when I made this “real OOF” – black backdrop and a real mat (held in place by “helping hands”). Just frame it all in your viewfinder, leaving out the helping hands, and you’re done. For my original purpose (altered image competition) this version would have been an illegal entry since it wasn’t altered.


For my grand finale how about this OOF – it’s a double exposure – to add to the other two approaches shown yesterday and today.

It was made by combining the following two images –

Is that enough? More about framing of every sort than you ever wanted to know….

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