Luminosity Blending Magic, 3

Here’s a step-by-step wrap up on the process of blending a B&W image with a color image using luminosity blending. The emphasis here is luminosity blending (NOT luminosity as a B&W conversion technique). In fact, as shown yesterday, if you use a B&W that was converted via the luminosity method you will see NO change between the before & after blending step. Today it’s about blending & not B&W conversion. Sorry if it’s confusing.

Luminosity Blending provides the potential for

A quick 1-step processing technique

To bring out detail in an image

A step-by-step example:

1. As Captured                                      2. RAW>JPEG

    3. Silver Efex Pro                       4. Luminosity Blend of 2 & 3

Washington National Cathedral

RAW>JPEG included white balance adjustments and shadow recovery

This is an overview. The details are in the previous posts.

The final result is dependent mainly on the characteristics of the B&W image.

There is no panacea – experiment and you’ll discover what works best for you.


  • Do not use a B&W conversion that is itself a luminosity conversion
    • If you do, there will NO change to your image – and you’re looking for change (refer to the previous post)
  • “what is best” is “what YOU want”. It’s your vision, not someone else’s.

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