Levels and Curves at the Extreme

Before continuing further into Levels & Curves details let’s look at an example of what this tool makes possible – arty contrast extremes. This is a “tease” for the next few Levels & Curves posts.

Part of a series

“All About Image Contrast for Photographers”

Contrast Extremes

_DSC1533_316_nx wbdl sep1

Extreme Black & White


Refer to yesterday’s Levels & Curves post

To compare this image’s settings with the default settings

Click for full screen

6-27-2013 12-43-32 PM

We are essentially asking that all input tonal levels

Darker than a certain point be changed to black, and

Lighter than another point be made white

A very narrow tonal band (the width of the sloped line)

Will be a dark gray

6-27-2013 1-25-24 PM

In effect – a black and white (no tones of gray) image

Surprisingly (or not) the subjects are easily recognizable

I have this saved as a Silver Efex Pro custom preset

The exact locations of the black range & white range

May need tweaked depending on the input image’s tones

But not very much

This is a “tease” for the next few Levels & Curves posts

Try this on your own

It’s hard to learn by just reading (with no experimentation)

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