It’s (past) Time to Move On

For the past two weeks I’ve been doing a daily post on contrast. With each passing day the number of site visits drop. It’s time to change the subject.

As regular followers know, I try to learn something new every day. There’s very little new for me when it comes to image contrast. Since reader interest is low and falling fast, I’m moving on to other subjects. For the handful of readers of the contrast series – I apologize for stopping before the end. I’ll try to finish the series over the next month or two as the mood strikes…

What am I?
645 PRO Mk III for Apple iPhone 6 Plus_150919_095315_IMG_1581-2

A Cup of Coffee

It’s a cup of coffee as captured with my iPhone looking straight down

  • Circular frame = rim & inside of the cup
  • Everything inside the frame =  a reflection in my cup of black coffee
  • Upper left = kitchen cabinets
  • Lower right = the iPhone itself (look closely & you’ll see the lens)
  • iPhone 6+
  • Capture – 645 Pro MkIII app: B&W with Square Format
  • Post – Snapseed for tonal contrast & small frame (otherwise as captured)
  • Handheld – precise framing & composition was difficult

Have fun; make the ordinary extraordinary

For the immediate future I plan to concentrate on my phone camera:

  • Learning to use it for images other than point-and-shoot snapshots (boring)
  • Learning its strengths and weaknesses – especially as compared to a DSLR
  • Examining the myriad of available software (camera apps)
  • Looking at alternate workflows to go from capture to finished image

My tentative plan is to post about twice a week:

  • Day 1 – “Study” something new
  • Day 2 – “Experiment” with the new item
  • Day 3 – “Write” a lab report (post the results)
  • Day 4 – Get a life 😉
  • Day 5 – Repeat the process…

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