Apps – camera replacement

Before launching into smartphone camera app reviews, here are sixteen images made with my favorite iPhone app – 645 Pro Mk III.

645 Pro Mk III was mentioned in my last post

  • It falls under the category of a camera replacement app
    • It replaces the normal iPhone camera
    • It allows “almost-DSLR-like” control
  • The next post will explain why its features are important (and unique among apps)

I recently moved to a small town with lots of history

  • History in the USA measured from 1492 (when Columbus sailed the ocean blue)
  • The E. Main St. here in Lititz, PA has buildings dating from the mid-1700’s
  • The 1st house below is from 1765 (including the log abstract)

I walked Main Street this week and took these photos with an iPhone 6 Plus

  • I used the 645 app (not particularly well; still learning)
  • The different aspect ratios were done in-camera via the app’s options
  • The B&W treatment was done in P-P using Silver Efex Pro (via LR or PS)
    • It took several weeks for me to come up with a good workflow
    • Getting from the iPhone (Apple) to my PC (Windows) to LR & PS (Adobe)
      • Isn’t difficult
      • But – it took me a while to figure it out
      • If anyone’s interested, I discuss it in a later post…

Click on any image for a full screen slide show

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