645 Pro Mk III

To get the best capture that my smartphone is capable of making, my go-to app is the 645 Pro Mk III. [Spoiler alert –  It’s for serious photographers. It’s not free and can’t be used for selfies ;).]

645 PRO Mk III Highlights

It provides access to everything that can be controlled on an iOS camera:

  • Fully manual exposure control, as well as semi-automatic
    • An on-screen meter lets you judge your manual exposures
    • Separate the focus and exposure points
  • Shutter Priority and ISO Priority plus fully automatic exposure
  • Automatic and semi-automatic modes include ±3 Ev. exposure compensation
    • Choice of spot or matrix metering
    • Adjust Ev, in combination with the histogram, to control exposure
  • Choice of single, 3-shot-burst, and 3-shot-bracket (HDR-like) exposures
    • Select the HDR exposure’s bright & dark focus points
  • Choice of AWB or a selection of white balance presets
    • Ability to create and save a completely custom white balance
  • Manual focus override
    • Focus-peaking to identify what will be in perfect focus

A display shows all the information you need including:

  • Real-time exposure metering, ISO and shutter-speed readings
  • Ev setting
  • A choice of histograms
  • Built-in level
  • Real-time GPS data
  • The interface can be customized

Top quality output

  • Save completely unprocessed image data at the highest quality possible
    • Next closest thing to RAW files
    • Or two JPEG alternatives if you wish
  • Film mode options
    • Inspired by classic Medium Format cameras
    • Seven formats, from square 6×6 to panoramic 6×17
    • 21 color filters with adjustable densities for B&W captures
    • You can also save custom, personalized films


More tomorrow…

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