“Real” vs Phone Cameras

In my photographic “arsenal” camera phones have a place. That place is in my pocket for use in capturing “moments”. However, a camera phone is incapable of “making” the images I prefer – images that “sing to me”. Those images require versatile (interchangeable) lenses. A camera with a fixed focal length, fixed aperture lens is fine for snapshots where everything’s in focus –  but that’s not me.

Soft & Lovely

Here’s the setup for the above image

Lens 6″ from blossom; 105 mm macro lens nearly wide open for soft background

This is what my iPhone camera sees from the same location

645 PRO Mk III for Apple iPhone 6 Plus_151224_085921_IMG_2558

The fixed focal length lens isn’t the main problem. The macro lens used for today’s feature photo is 105 mm – fixed – and does the job perfectly.

The problem, for my style, is the lens’ fixed aperture. This makes selective focus impossible — but it’s great if you want everything in focus.

Selective focus is important to me. A phone camera will not(!!!) do that (until the laws of physics are rewritten). Attachable phone camera lenses are not the answer. The ones I’ve tried are junk! Even the ones with 5-star reviews.

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