Memorable Images

If your primary photography goal is to create memorable images you’re in luck. An MIT computer algorithm can recognize memorable photographs almost as well a humans. However,  a memorable image (as determined by this algorithm) may-or-may-not be a good (sings to you) image. Fingernails on a blackboard make memorable sounds – but not sounds you’d like a steady diet of. I’d speculate that a winning image may be one that is both memorable and good – what sort of image might that be?


An Abstract Photo

Heat Map shows the most memorable (warm) and forgettable (cool) regions

A Representational (non-abstract) Version


The next image illustrates that memorable isn’t necessarily the final word

Unless Impressionism and Monet aren’t your cup-of-tea


I plan to investigate this further using different genre and styles from my 100K+ portfolio. The goal is to understand how my images – especially those that won awards – stack up against the MIT memorability criteria. The results for two examples above – simply my last two blog images – surprised me. I’m curious how many other surprises – both good and bad – await. I’ll bet Claude Monet is surprised 😉 More to come over the next few days.

Here is reference material if you want to dig deeper:

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