Memorable Images & Orientation

My tests, using the recently published MIT image memorability algorithm, suggests that an image’s memorability can be affected by its orientation. Take the same image, rotate it 90-degrees, and the score changes.

Two Views (portrait vs. landscape) of the Same Abstract

First, for context (what are we looking at?), here’s how the abstract was made

1-9-2014 10-23-53 AM

Rotating seem “right”  to me at the time (two years ago)

Subconscious at work? I neither knew nor thought about “memorable” then.

D300_091102_182416__DSC9978_nx2 cep4bas brdr

Above – Memorability: High (score: 0.808 )

Below – Memorability: Medium (score: 0.627)

These scores are the probability that, having seen the image previously, you’d remember it when seen later. 81% vs 63% is quite a difference.

D300_091102_182416__DSC9978_nx2 cep4bas brdr

Landscapes, as a genre, are notoriously non-memorable – even iconic landscapes.

Could the different scores for these images be due to the fact that the brain subconsciously sees the 2nd image for what it really is & says “landscape, forget it”?

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