More on Image Orientation

Yesterday I showed how the orientation of an image may affect its memorability. Here’s more on that idea and how it relates to visual design. Stay with me. This is leading somewhere, just not sure where exactly.

 The scores indicate the probability an image will be remembered when seen a 2nd time.

 These results suggest that vertical is more memorable than horizontal. If you’ve studied visual design this shouldn’t be unexpected:

  • The orientation of lines and shapes has meaning
    • Horizontal lines suggest tranquility and rest
    • Vertical lines suggest power and strength
    • Are you more likely to remember a “sleeper” or a “doer”?
  • Too bad that most photographers “go with the flow”
    • The typical camera  is designed to be held horizontally
    • The typical photographer holds the camera horizontally
    • This may or may not result in the best image
    • Always shoot both ways

The above examples show that yesterday’s result wasn’t because of the landscape vs. portrait aspect ratio of the overall image. It was due to the orientation of the image’s main subject, the dark silhouette of the branch, that attracts the viewer’s eye.

D300_091102_182416__DSC9978_nx2 cep4bas brdr D300_091102_182416__DSC9978_nx2 cep4bas brdr

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