Memorable Images & Color

My previous posts showed that the orientation, vertical vs. horizontal, of the image’s main subject affects the image’s memorability. Today’s post examines the impact of color.

 Color Does Affect the Memorability Score

color grid

Several Observations

  • All else being equal, a light background provides a more memorable image
    • Compare the first two rows
  • Green seems to tend toward more memorable images than other colors
    • Even the 1st item in row 2, one of five perfect scores, is 50% green
  • The final six images reinforce both the orientation and color results
  • B&W does poorly in terms of memorable images
    • B&W photographs, in general, are highly regarded and liked
    • This illustrates that memorability is just part of the big picture (pun intended)
    • The 4-C’s – Craftsmanship, Composition, Creativity, Communication
      • Matter the most

About that green observation, why might that be? Maybe it has to do with the color green’s location in the visual light spectrum and the fact that a large number of the eye’s cones cover that wavelength. Just speculation for now.

cones vs wavelength

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