Color Me Infrared

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Park

Shot nothing but infrared for a whole day

SBear_D300_160518_123952__DSC5186 - Copy


Color Me Infrared

As captured by an IR Converted Nikon D300

Minimal contrast adjustment was the only post-processing

Clear blue sky = black; plant foliage = shades of white; man-made = standard B&W

2 thoughts on “Color Me Infrared

    • Thanks, Sarah. Nice to know your favorite; I bounce from one to another – just like the competition judges who say “this is my favorite today, but tomorrow it will be another”. For #3, I shot about a dozen from all different directions & angles.

      I shot lots of IR that day and experimented with a wide variety of subject matter and styles. Rather than dump them all into one post, they’re scattered over three separate ones. The second is today, 5/21, and the 3rd is tomorrow.

      The secret is a day with a crystal clear blue sky; haze destroys the pure black. Today is very hazy – so it’s long shutter speed camera motion with an iPhone app.

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