7 thoughts on “Acadia Day 3, Lighthouses

  1. I have to ask, why a recipe for disaster? Surely not the obvious, a nasty fall with damaged camera/lens or perhaps a bone or two.
    Great image though, the texture and colours of the rocks balance the sky and clouds very nicely as does the division of the image into two almost equal right angle triangles.

      • 79 years young and still bouncing. Fantastic. I’m only a lad at 76 and only broke a few in the rashness of genuine youth. Unfortunately lenses have a habit of knocking themselves about and their repairers are more expensive than medicos. Keep well Ed, we Need your regular uplifting visuals.

  2. I applaud your even trying this fete. At 76 I have trouble just getting down low to photograph. I just don’t have the balance anymore. Have a wonderful time in Maine.

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