It’s 2017, which is a prime number …..Here’s hoping for a prime year


Sanibel Island sunrise – a new day for the new year

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This ends the blog’s 6th full year

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4 thoughts on “It’s 2017, which is a prime number …..Here’s hoping for a prime year

  1. I appreciate your perseverance. You’ll have to have a grand celebration when that 10e6 total views are achieved. Wishing you and your family a joyful New Year from my cave in the Himalayan Mts.

    • Thanks, Russ. I assume you’re in the higher elevations to make your levitation attempts more effective. I find the lower Blue Ridge better myself (I have vertigo + poor balance – heights are counter-productive).


  2. Happy New Year, Ed. Impressed with the number of ‘eyes’ you’ve accumulated! Keep it up!

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