Abstract Art and Photography

It happens. Almost a foot of snow from midnight to 6 AM. Another foot is forecast for today. If you’re in a similar situation, or just want some pleasant diversion, here’s a show I did three years ago for a large photo club (the meeting was canceled due to snow).

Followers of this site know that I like abstract photography. It’s not everyone’s cup-of-tea, more of an acquired-taste, but worthwhile exploring for the benefits it will bring to your photography in general. Why else would abstracts be covered on a site called Photography Improvement? 😉

Here’s a multimedia presentation I made for several photography clubs in Feb 2014

Click the image for

A set of three multimedia videos

Slightly OT – What famous artist popularized “selfies” hundreds of years ago?

That, among other interesting tidbits, is revealed in part-1-of-3


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