eBook – Thru Ed’s Eyes Portfolio Sampler

Click here to download my new eBook (an epub file from my DropBox account).
1. After you click the above link, you’ll see this graphic.
2. Clicking on Open shows available download options (Edge & Explorer on my computer, but
your options may be different).
3. Click on any option shown above.
(a) Not all epub readers perform equally well. For example, this book is designed with a 2-page spread but some readers will only show a single page at a time.
(i) Edge opens the eBook directly with no further steps needed for perfect viewing results.
(ii) Opening this epub file on a iPad automatically produces an Apple iBook – also with perfect viewing (albeit limited to the iPad’s screen size).
(b) If after the 2nd step above you don’t see Edge or an iPAD (iOS) option, save it to your computer (the Explorer option in this case). From there you can try any number of eBook readers and find one that suits your taste. Edge and iBook are the ones that work for me (all of the others, not so much).
(c) Different viewing results are down to the ebook reader that you use – not the ebook file that you’re reading.
4. This is a work in progress. Let me know what you think.
PS –  The book is interactive (via hyperlinks). Page 3 explains.