Free eBook Download

Use this link to download my latest eBook attempt, Thru-Ed’s-Eyes.

Distribution of large (76MB) files like this is a problem. I think the approach used in this post you’re reading now is about as good as it gets.

  • The link takes you to my book at Scribd, a premier digital library service.
  • Once at Scribd simply choose the DOWNLOAD option.
  • The eBook is a PDF document (with a table of contents in the form of bookmarks).

I’m considering a series tutorial books (free) based on my website’s content that I’ve accumulated over the years. Any & all suggestions related to using this Scribd PDF approach would be appreciated.

Thanks (& belated Merry Christmas),


2 thoughts on “Free eBook Download

  1. I don’t like having to join “Scribd”, or any other “site” for that matter, to download a book. Looks like I won’t be downloading this one.

    • I understand and appreciate the feedback.

      1. To be clear, the signup is one time only and solely for the purpose of executing the download.
      2. Subsequent downloads, of future books of mine, don’t require further “sign-ups”.
      3. A download via this method (a link embedded in a post) is free – you don’t have to be a Scribd subscriber (you’re not signing up to subscribe to scribd, just to download my book).
      4. This is the only PDF sharing method supported by WordPress.COM.

      I mention 1-4 just FYI. In today’s internet environment, your reluctance is understandable.

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