Free eBook (a 2nd Download Alternative)

Yesterday’s post offered the download of an eBook. The book was stored at Scribd, a premier digital library. A post-reader commented that he didn’t want to have to identify himself to Scribd in order to download. I understand the concern, but Scribd policies are out of my control.

To remove the need to divulge your personal info, today’s post provides an alternative that requires nothing but clicking on a link. This link is to the eBook’s file stored at my personal Dropbox account.

  • The good news – no personal identity required
  • The bad news – download time may be longer

It goes without saying that a good full featured PDF reader is required in either case, especially to access the book’s bookmark-table-of-contents (navigation of 109 pages using nothing except <Previous and Next> is cumbersome).

There may be future alternatives for accessing my future eBooks (like Apple Books and Amazon Kindle), as I explore the world of eBook creation and publishing. Fascinating and keeps the old gray cells active. FYI, I published several photo books at Apple Books several years ago. Two are free; take a look here.

4 thoughts on “Free eBook (a 2nd Download Alternative)

  1. Congratulations Ed on another outstanding book! Thank you for sharing it with us. I will continue to study your work as I learn so much from it. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks, Sarah.

    By the way, if you follow the Apple Books link at the end of this post, you’ll see that my HH Through the Seasons book is available there. Might be of interest to new HHPC members as a source of ideas.

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