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Nik Software Tutorials: more detailed than Nik user guides

Color Efex Pro 4 Tutorial (CEP4)

HDR Efex Pro 2 Tutorial (HEP2)

Silver Efex Pro 2 Tutorial (SEP2)

Color Efex Pro Filter Guide and Index (CEP)

Differences between Color Efex Pro & Viveza

Detailed Anatomy of a CEP4 Filter

CEP4 – Making & Using Recipes

CEP4 Recipe Step-by-Step Usage Example

The material below is common to the “Efex Pro” family

Control Points & Selective Adjustments

History Browser


Keyboard Shortcuts

Nik Software and RAW image files

Miscellaneous Nik Software Related Posts

Google Nik Collection File Locations on your PC & Mac

Index to Snapseed posts

The Digital Zone System (an e-Book featuring SEP2)

Running the Nik Collection without PS, LR, or Aperture

CRAFTSMANSHIP – Knowing how to use your camera to control exposure, focus and color for a technically perfect image or for the creative image that you want. Key message- putting you in control of the camera & not vice-versa.


Exposure Metering Tips

ISO Settings Tips

Preview 1

Preview 2

Exposure – Metering

Exposure – Adjusting Exposure

Exposure – Exposure Compensation & the Histogram, 1

Exposure Compensation & the Histogram, 2

The Exposure “You Want”, 1

The Exposure “You Want”, 2

A High Key Happy Accident

Exposure and Difficult Lighting – in camera

Exposure and Difficult Lighting – Multiple Exposures (HDR)

HDR Update

HDR Update #2

HDR Comparison Revisited

HDR Efex Pro Tutorial

“Natural HDR” is an Oxymoron

Realistic HDR – The Search Continues

Finally – A Natural Looking HDR Image (more or less)

Shooting the Rare Super Full Moon

For more on HDR scroll down to Post-Processing

Exposure Lesson Summary

Exposure – Example Images

Exposure WARNING

Diffusion Disk for Light Control


Manual Exposure – After Sunny 16 is it Cloudy 11?

Potential Long Exposure Problems

Manual Exposure, Bulb Setting, Lightning ….

Exposure Mystery Problems

Keeping Camera Settings Under Control

Creative use of Focus



Part a – Basics of Focus

Part b – In Focus Throughout

Part c – Selective Focus for Creative Images

Using DOF – an example

Lesson summary – additional thoughts

Bokeh – an “advanced” creative focus topic

Advanced Selective Focus Example


Focus & Macros

A New Macro/Closeup Lens Combo

Yet Another Macro/Closeup Combo

A Final Macro/Closeup Combo, I Promise

Liveview vs. Viewfinder

Point & Shoot Camera Limitations




Shutter Speed & Light Control

Shutter Speed Experiments

Example Images

Creative uses of shutter speed – Camera Motion

Camera Motion – Multiple Exposures

Multiple Exposures Made Easy – short “all you need” tutorial

Camera Panning Control

Miscellaneous Shutter Speed Techniques

Falling Snow & Shutter Speed

Multiple Exposures – a Slide Show Example

Motion Blur via Multiple Exposures

Fantasy Garden – Multiple Exposure Experiments


Color & White Balance Primer

Color – As Captured in the Camera, Part 1

Color – As Captured in the Camera, Part 2


Color Filters with B&W Images

Nik Silver Efex Pro

Digital Infrared

An IR Experiment

IR vs. Color Comparison

There’s Haze in Them Thar Hills

Color Management – Introduction

Color Management – Equipment Calibration

Getting Color Correct Can be Tricky

Human Vision & Our Perception of Visual Art

Human Vision & Our Perception of Visual Art, 2

Luminance, Grayscale & Desaturation

Using Luminosity for Shadow & Highlight Detail

More Playing with Luminosity

Abstract in B&W

Digital & the Zone System



Workflow – Step #1, Image Capture

Workflow – Step #2, Image Download

Workflow – Step #3, Image Organization (general)

Workflow – Step #3, Image Organization (backup)

Workflow – Step #3, Image Organization (download contribution)

Workflow – Step #3, Image Organization (screen and tag)

Folder & File Naming Strategies

RAW, JPEG, TIFF – which to use & when

Computers & Monitors

Digital asset management (DAM) software for image storage and retrieval

Image editing software

Color Management tools (software & hardware)

Display – electronic and print

Craftsmanship Wrap-up

Critiquing Images

Creating a Portfolio

Printing, Matting and Framing

COMPOSITION – Learning to produce aesthetically pleasing two-dimensional images

Introduction to Composition, part 1

Introduction to Composition, part 2

Composition – Comparing Painting & Photography

Photography Lessons from the World of Art

The Language of Visual Design

Visual Design Symbols – Shapes

Visual Design Symbols – Lines

Visual Design Symbols – Textures

Visual Design Symbols – Perspective

Visual Design Principles – x

Visual Design Principles – y

Visual Design Principles – z

Composition – Orientation Matters

Composition Techniques – Framing, 1

Composition Techniques – Framing, 2

Composition Techniques – Leading Lines, 1

Leading Lines in Composition – A Few Thoughts

Some Composition Thoughts

On Being Original – from Reality to Abstraction

Another Path Less Traveled – from Reality to Abstraction

Are You Still on the Same Old Path?

Figure & Ground

More Figure & Ground

Greetings from Negative Space

Shapes & Contrast, 1

Shapes & Contrast, 2

Shapes & Contrast, 3

Shapes & Contrast, 4

Words Can’t Begin to Describe

Work the Subject, Calla

Work the Subject, Cone Flower

Composition & Hyperfocal Distance Review

When to Shoot Horizontal? Vertical?

Real and Apparent Horizons….

Cropping – after the fact

Get Closer!!

Get Closer, 2 – Walking vs. Zooming


Change Focal Length, Change Shutter Speed, Change….

The Hunt for the Perfect Composition

Compose for the Background

From 2-D to 3-D

CREATIVITY – Making your images YOUR images (not like all the rest) by building on the craftsmanship and composition skills already learned

Are Your Images Creative?

Above all else – Be Original

Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Time Lapse Photography

Water Drops on Glass

Water Drops on a CD

Abstract Photography

Alternative Visions in B&W

Making Unique Images

It’s all about the light, stupid!

Image Overlay (the Orton Technique)

Adding Rainbow-like Color (in the camera)

Pushing the B&W Envelope


Black Light Photography


Inserting emotion and feeling into your images. Great artists believed that art sprang from emotion. (A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art. Paul Cezanne)

Great Images & Emotion


HDR Efex Pro – Tutorial

Silver Efex Pro 2 – Tutorial

Color Efex Pro 3 – 1st part of the series

Multiple Exposures Made Easy – short “all you need” tutorial

PP Tutorial – Software Backgound

PP Tutorial – Part 1, Overview

PP Tutorial – Part 2, A Quick End to End Overview

PP Tutorial, 2 – Quick Overview, White Balance

PP Tutorial, 2 – Quick Overview, Shadow/Highlight Recovery

PP Tutorial, 2 – Quick Overview, Color Contrast Range Adjustment

PP Tutorial, 2 – Quick Overview, Tonal Contrast Adjustment

Imaging Masks

Imaging Masks, 2

Imaging Masks, 3

PP – Don’t Overdo It

Cropping with Light

PP – Example #1

To Clone or Not to Clone….

The Score – and The Performance

Out-of-Frame (OOF)

Extreme Curves Adjustments

B&W Adjustments with Curves

From Camera to HDR to B&W

Introducing – Snapseed for the iPad

Snapseed for iPad – Initial Examples

Snapseed for iPad – Overview

Snapseed for iPad – Interface

The order of Post-processing adjustment steps matters


How Photographs Are Made

Winter Photography Tips

A Great Tool for Outdoor Photographers, 1

A Great Tool for Outdoor Photographers, 2

Filter Buying Tips


Your Polarizer, Don’t Leave Home Without It

Three Polarizer Examples


Getting Outside the Box

Diffusion Disk for Light Control


Upgrade the Photographer

Becoming A Good Photographer

More on Becoming a Good Photographer

On Becoming an Expert in Your Subject Matter

Making the Image You Want

Make LemonadeFloral Fun

The Many Faces of Black & White Photography

Art & Craft

Quotable Quotes

Summer Photo Exhibits – #1

Summer Photo Exhibits – #2

Summer Photo Exhibits – #3

Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, 2

Now This is Scary………..


Macro Panorama

PSE8 Photomerge Panorama Problems

Panorama Stitch Software Winner (& it’s free)

Super Resolution Images

The Best Images are in Your Own Backyard

A Photo Equipment Crash Test

Volunteer in Parks (VIP)

All You Need to Know – IN 31 SECONDS

Award Winning Nature Photos

Making Photo Coasters

Making Gallery Wrap Prints

Gallery Wrap Print Photo Grids

2010 Blog Stats

….For the Birds

….For the Birds, 2

….For the Birds, 3

Photo Competitions & Beauty

Wildflower Photography – Basics

Wildflower Photography – in High Winds

Make hay while the sun shines

Almost Heaven – The Smokies

iPad2 Photography – A Self Portrait

Making a Photo Mandala

Photographing Spider Webs

Photography Imitating Politics

More Figure & Ground